The Hunter's Moon: In Memory

The Hunter’s Moon, also referred to as The Blood Moon, was considered a time of hunting with ease for Indigenous peoples. It’s also a night when the bridge between the worlds is said to be easiest to cross, so many will leave offerings to spirit guides and ancestors on this marvelously magickal night. This is also the time to practice inner cleansing and seek inner harmony.

Last year, The Hunter’s Moon fell on October 5th..and so, this is the day my husband and I chose to be married. We were wed by our dear friend over the top of a cliff in the Wildflower Park at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. I made all the decorations for our special day, as well as besoms for my maid of honor and bridesmaid, and a besom for my husband and I to hop over after we’d said our vows. It was one of the most magickal, mystical, and enchanting days of my life, and this year I wanted to carry that energy over in a small shop update centered on the beauty of companionship, the energies of peace and love, and the journey of spiritual growth. And, of course, I wanted to offer trinkets and such to assist you in communicating with those who have gone before you as the vibrations slowly shift around us all, and help you to take advantage of this powerful night for divination. As we transition, the air becomes more crisp, the nights get longer, and we prepare for the winter.

Tomorrow at 9 pm I will release a handful of items that I’ve lovingly blessed with the same Palo Santo I used to cleanse our campsite the night of our wedding. I strongly believe the energies surrounding my husband and I that night imprinted upon this holy wood, and it is my desire that the sweet and piney smoke cleanse and amplify feelings of love and the vibrations of healing for each offering of The Hunter’s Moon. Wrapped in this divine fragrance, may these offerings from my heart and my two hands assist you in building a stronger spiritual connection, protect you, and become a positive part of your rites and daily life.

I hope you’ll use this Full Moon to manifest the intentions you set during the New Moon and bring each of them to realization. Align your chakras, make Moon Water, express gratitude, draw down the Moon, increase your intuitive awareness, or petition the gods of your tradition for guidance. Whatever you do, I ask the Goddess to keep you, and banish your obstacles. May you feel complete, and may you be refreshed, energized, and purified.


The Honeymoon: The Old Mill in Little Rock

The Old Mill is famously known for being used in the opening scene of Gone With the Wind. Flowers bloom year-round and it has a lovely rustic and romantic vibe.

Nature Spirits: frost faeries, plant faeries
Herbs: pennyroyal, thyme, catnip, uva ursi, angelica, burdock
Colors: dark blue-green
Flowers: calendula, marigold, cosmos
Scents: strawberry, apple blossom, cherry
Stones: opal, tourmaline, beryl, turquoise
Trees: yew, cypress, acacia
— Journey Into The Goddess