Musings of a Reflecting Witch

Someone told me quite recently that they believe we cannot access spiritual, etheric realms-that if we were to do so, we might just die from the smallest glimpse or experience of it. As a Witch, I've learned over the years when it's best to bite my tongue and nod my head, and keep my thoughts to least, for the time being. Looking back on this conversation today, I must admit it saddens me. What a disengaged, disenchanted way to live, for this whole thing we call life is meant to be a spiritual experience that surpasses what we can touch and taste, and dives deeper into what cannot be seen and only felt with the heart's special senses. Earth is a spiritual realm of its own, with magick and beauty flowing and changing and cycling naturally right before our eyes and deep beneath the ground and high up in the skies. Do you turn your eyes away from the butterfly as it emerges from its cocoon? Do you fear to watch the cicadas shed their husks, and the flowers bloom? So why would anything else so spiritually moving be inaccessible to you or to me? Are we given but a crumb of magick and grace and beauty, and kept shut away from spirits and deities and all else that we deem Divine?

  When I pray, the Universe hears me. The leaves rustle, the birds sing, and the Earth beneath my feet rejoices as I walk. The stars shine, the Moon glows, and the Goddess is beside me and within me and all around me. I do not fear other mystical realms, for I am a part of one myself, made up of its dust and dirt and ancient energy. There is no spiritual realm I have not been given the keys to, for I myself am that key, and all that exists without also exists within me. 

 I cannot imagine a spirituality where I am fed in meager scrapings, holding off for death to reach satiation and making a game of life where the actions I take and the choices I make determine my state of bliss...or torment and disgrace...when I draw my last breath in this lifetime. If beliefs such as these offer some peace, let them have it, but I want none of it. Give me instead those moments of ecstasy between the realms, my quiet times of magick in solitude, feeling the beat of my own heart pulsing through the world around me. If you are waiting for a Heaven, you're missing the Heaven before you. If you are waiting for the door to a world of magick to open, you are that door...go inside. What realm do you live in if not a spiritual one you're breathing in right here and now?