Harnessing Astronomical Energy

I'm sure you've seen the hundreds of memes floating around of mystics and witches alike surrounded by quartz and paralyzed by the astronomical events currently upon us. If you're looking for another post on how to practice self-care to get you through this "trying and exhausting roller coaster ride," this isn't one of them....and I'll tell you why.

Let's start with lunar eclipses, like the partial one we'll experience on the 11th (visible to north-eastern Europe, north-western Asia, northern parts of Canada, Greenland, the Atlantic, and the Arctic). It's become a new fad to make an eclipse doom and gloom, and some witches have begun to condemn magickal workings during this moon state. There's absolutely no logic behind this, because an eclipse amplifies your spellwork! That means that an eclipse is the perfect time to do serious spellwork that will shift your reality in a big way. 

From the 11th-13th, we'll also have a Perseid Meteor Shower, one of Earth's truly most spectacular shows. Each summer, as the earth passes through a dense stream of debris left in the wake of the Swift-Tuttle comet, the night skies are lit up by as many as 150 shooting stars streaking overhead per hour, all by the light of the waning gibbous moon. The meteor shower is so named because it takes place near the constellation Perseus. The beauty of meteor showers is that they provide bursts of inspiration, and the magick of the constellation Perseus is that it corresponds to hope, desire, manifestation, and power. On this night, you might benefit from grabbing a blanket and heading outdoors with a few candles for a late night ritual of cultivating a fresh outlook on life. If you do, make sure you brew yourself a nice warm cup of Balm of Gilead tea, as this herb is said to correspond to manifestations! As each star crosses the sky, think of it as a potential path you could take, one that you have to grab a hold of before it’s gone forever, burned up like stardust. Before the night is over, make a pact with yourself to grab one of those metaphorical stars, whichever one speaks to you most strongly.

You'll see Pegasus, the flying horse, out in the starry sky tonight, and tomorrow you'll spot 61 Cygni, the first star to have its distance accurately measured, in the swan Cygnus, high up in the east at nightfall. 61 Cygni is to the lower right of Deneb, the swan’s tail. Under dark skies, it’s just visible to the eye alone. Pegasus deals with travel between realms, contacting the dead, and divination. Work with the power of Cygnus by focusing on transformation and self-esteem.

On August 5th, the bull's eye, represented by the royal star Aldebaran (Watcher of the East), follows the Moon as they climb the eastern sky in the wee hours of the morning. You'll see it as a bright orange star to the left of the Moon. Aldebaran's constellation is Taurus, and you can work with it by carrying stones such as Garnet and Ruby and focusing on spellwork dealing with honesty and success. The Royal Stars were regarded as “guardians of the sky” in Ancient Persia. The Persians believed that the sky was divided into four districts with each district being guarded by one of the four Royal Stars. Because of their reverence as “guardians of the sky or heavens” Ancient Persians looked to these stars for guidance and prophecy. These stars are the brightest stars in their associated constellation, and correspond with each of the seasons, solstices, and equinoxes. Positive associations of Aldebaran are: eloquence, intelligence, integrity, courage, and popularity.

On August 6th (my birthday), the band of light outlining the disk of the Milky Way galaxy will be visible in dark skies, and on the 7th this band will be divided by a dark rift across its length. The rift consists of dense clouds of dust. The dust grains absorb the light from the stars behind them, making it look like there are almost no stars at all. On the 8th, The star cluster M11 will be well up in the South by evening, in the constellation Scutum, the shield. Because its brightest stars resemble a flock of ducks, it’s also called the Wild Duck cluster. Through binoculars, it looks like a patch of mist. There's magick in all of this on its own, but follow your intuition to weave it into your practice!

  Finally, let's discuss Mercury Retrograde. This retrograde typically lasts approximately 20 days - so we're in this until about the 18th. It's a period when the planet appears to be moving backwards, and almost everyone claims to suffer from low energy and low vibes. Before you jump on that low bandwagon like I did when I first started following astronomical events as a Witch, let me tell you this: retrogrades bring the subconscious mind on equal footing with the conscious mind. What does this mean? Well, it means that during this retrograde, your own evolution on a subconscious level is more accessible than ever. Drop old habits, start new and healthier routines, and take advantage of a deeper awareness and self-knowledge. You have more influence now, and the ability to see things from a different perspective. Engage with the feelings stirring up inside of you-be mindful and accept this retrograde's invitation to pay closer attention. Mercury Retrogrades literally center on truth, and this is why communications may seem disrupted or misunderstandings may abound. Harness that energy of truth! When you're communicating and you feel misunderstanding arise, take a step back and ask yourself, "What truth does what's being said (or what's not being said) reveal to me, and why have I needed it revealed in this way at this time?" You just may find an unwelcome truth revealing where adjustment is needed, so that you can reflect and learn a new approach. Mercury’s regular retrograde cycle is a self-correcting mechanism of the universe, enabling things that need adjustment to be adjusted before it’s too late!  And for that reason alone we should welcome Mercury Retrograde with open arms. 

Mercury helps us understand life and make sense of our everyday experience. It is a flexible planet and it is viewed as amoral: it seeks understanding and recognizes connections and possibilities without particularly engaging in the rights and wrongs of those possibilities. In myth, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. It wasn’t his job to judge the messages and information that he imparted, only to communicate them. Mercury is very influential in our day-to-day existence, ruling the building blocks of our interaction with others such as computers, the media, telecommunications, travel and our local environment. So it’s no wonder that we experience its effects quite readily. We all know the frustration of a computer crash, a cancelled train or a misunderstanding with someone that leaves everybody feeling out of sorts and dissatisfied. When Mercury turns retrograde these things can occur more frequently and with greater consequences, hence the negativity surrounding these periods of time. But in allowing ourselves to be distracted by the practicalities of such inconveniences we can easily miss the deeper messages that Mercury holds for us because, remember, a retrograde planet turns us in upon ourselves to process its lessons within, not tackle them in the external world. For me personally, I've been focusing on making changes with my business and adjusting my attitude. I've also acknowledged the distractions and the fears that were holding me back from accomplishing my goals, and I've worked to eliminate and overcome them. 

Let's not forget that we're also currently in Leo Season. Not to be partial (as it is my birth month) but this is a fantastic season to be in! It's a time of pouring energy into the harvest, a time of gathering and gratitude, a month of abundance and power...and a time of vitality and health. Each month has its own magickal niche it is best suited to, and August carries with it the energies surrounding the number eight. Those energies and associations are Personal Power, Self-Confidence, Courage, Business, Success, Wealth, Giving and Receiving, Inner Wisdom, Spiritual Consciousness & above all else, Balance. If you have a Business this is an auspicious month to perform works of magick bringing success to that business, thereby bringing wealth and prosperity into your life. Even if you don’t have a business and are needing these things in your life August is the perfect time to tap into those energies. Work with stones such as Citrine and Aventurine. A second group of aspects to the month of August are Personal Power, Self-Confidence & Courage. Perhaps you’re in a position where you are lacking these things, now is the time to reclaim them. Invoke these things by wearing colors such as reds, oranges and yellows. Work with stones of the same color, Tiger’s Eye works particularly well, being associated with personal power, success and wealth as well as Malachite. Recite daily affirmations in your sacred space such as “I am Powerful, I am Confident in myself and I am Courageous”. Give yourself the best opportunity to overcome the challenges you face in this area by removing yourself from situations and relationships that stifle your personal power & self-confidence.

Let's take a closer look at the aspects of Inner Wisdom, Spiritual Consciousness and Balance. Focusing on the number 8 the first thing we notice is the shape, it is the shape of infinity. It is equal and balanced on either side. It creates, and it destroys. It is both predator and prey, dark and light, full and empty, The Fool and The World; all possibilities are within it. Eight also gives us the wisdom of nature- all things are cyclical, all things are recycled in some shape/form. We would do well to remember this as we enter the autumn season. Use August as a time to hit the Spiritual Refresh button. Begin or take your meditation practice deeper, work with your divination tools regularly to glimpse some inner wisdom about where your path may take you heading into the autumn, try doing small or large rituals to develop your psychic abilities or to open your third eye. Stones such as Spirit Quartz and Gold Sheen Obsidian are good stones to work with for going within or working within the spirit realms.

Heed the call from the Universe, and feed your passions, live well and unapologetically, and ignite the way for your desires to manifest. Face this time with courage and an open heart. Toast to something new and let the astronomical energy throughout the month empower you to live your life loudly, boldly, and beautifully. In August, the tender plants of Earth grow stronger and achieve steady growth towards the Sun. Are you not connected to them? Follow Earth's lead, and dig in your roots and reach, reach, reach. Now is NOT the time to bury your head in the sand...now is the time to grow, my darlings. So harness, and grow.