Leo New Moon Eclipse

Becoming who we are destined to be, and mustering the strength and dignity to live openly and unapologetically, often looks like a battle. Against ourselves, our past conditioning, our trauma, the status quo. Still, the real defeat is giving in to spiritual and emotional inertia, refusing to fight in the first place…
— Zodiac Poetry

 This New Moon is the first of two we have this year in Leo. It is at the very beginning, in the first degree, unleashing the rawest, purest, most childlike expression of the sign of the self. It’s sparking energies that will propel us dramatically forward at the second Leo New Moon, which is the total solar eclipse, at the very end of the sign, on Aug. 21. Think of this month’s as priming a pump, or striking flint, or lighting kindling in a bonfire. Yes, those metaphors will play out in situations and events, but the more important location of their influence is inside you. This New Moon is stoking your inner light, and surfacing the very perfect timing for calling on the spirit of our Ancestors. Our New Moon will initiate an exactly 18 hours long void of course Moon period, which will last until 3:59 UT of the 12th. During this period, it's advised that you put off initiating new projects and do thorough research before setting out on a new course. Magic will be strong, but maybe a bit uncontrollably so. Communications with the spirits can become intense and not reliable. If you are working your magic with the help of familiars and other spirits, be extra careful and make sure you know exactly what you are doing, exactly what you are asking for, and from whom you are asking it. This Solar Eclipse will affect my fellow Leos strongly, because it's taking place in our first house. 

Tonight's New Moon in Leo marks the completion of a cycle which began one year ago on Solar Eclipse in August 2017. The trials, lessons and challenges faced have led us to be more developed versions of ourselves, where we find ourselves tonight. Center yourself in gratitude for all you have endured and overcome. Intentionally link into the collective magickal consciousness and affirm the ebbs and natural flows of life's currents. Share yourself in a pure way, and thus give the world the permission to do the same.  There is so much joy in showing up, being seen, and truly seeing others! Delight in being you, delight in the person you've blossomed into after much sweat and tears. 


Underestimating the importance of this first Leonine chapter would be a mistake. An out-of-sign square with Uranus at 28 degrees Aries suggests that the present moment is pivotal in helping us break with the remnants of tradition and conditioning that still keep us from reaching intellectual, emotional and spiritual emancipation. It’s a defining, necessary step that we’re required to take, but one that will largely reward us nonetheless. Growth and self-fulfillment are rarely found within the comfort zone, or in the shadow of someone else.
— Cristina from Z.P.

The Leo New Moon falls in the 10th Lunar Mansion, which the Arab Astrologers called Al Jabhah. This Mansion is the perfect time to peruse activities that “dispel sadness and inspire courage.” Things to do? Be brave. Seek to improve your situation. Tackle tasks that require courage and strength. Take healing remedies. In contrast, don’t hide under the bed and wait for someone else to rescue you. The trick with this mansion is to take your own actions to improve your situation.

     Don't forget about the Perseid Shower! To best see the Perseids, go to the darkest possible location and lean back to observe as much sky as possible directly above you. The rates of Perseids visible will increase from about 10 p.m. in your local time zone all the way through dawn, so the later you can look the better. Earlier in the night there will be fewer meteors, but the ones that appear will have longer tails as they graze along more of the atmosphere. Those in southern latitudes can look toward the northeast to see more meteors.


Skywatchers looking out for the Perseids should also be able to see Mars (visible until about 4 a.m. in your local time zone) and Saturn (visible until about 2 a.m. local time); Venus and Jupiter both set before the Perseids are best viewed (9:30 p.m. and 11 p.m., respectively).