Custom Orders & Reservations

Commissions are currently closed as I work on all new projects. The below pertains to when commissions reopen. You may still send in requests to be added to a waiting list, but be informed that it could be months before I reopen commissions. Before sending in a request, you are encouraged to read what’s below fully.

I do take custom orders, as long as the total value of the item exceeds $100. Due to pricing on materials and supplies, I cannot take orders valued less than the above. All custom orders require a nonrefundable deposit of 50% of your determined total to provide funds needed for any additional supplies or tools your item will require before work can begin. This must be paid before work takes place, with the remainder due plus shipping and handling once your item is complete.

I no longer will be taking on commissions of just any sort. Your request must be with a current technique I use, and I will no longer offer commissions made with materials I do not use, mainly being silversmithed pieces. I understand many people love silver, but it’s not a metal I connect with or keep readily on hand. I work with copper and soft alloys made at my bench. Silver is only ever kept on hand for fusing. I do occasionally also work with steel, aluminum, and brass as well.

Please note that if you need assistance in choosing stones or a design/require design concepts to be created, a completely separate $50 consultation fee must be paid without exception. Design concepts are created using actual materials-they are NOT drawn-thus materials and supplies are used to assist you. Helping you to choose the perfect stone(s) etc. is an additional part of the work in the creation of your custom design. This can sometimes take days or weeks, even months. Therefore, the standard flat fee is set in place to cover my time and additional research.


Payment plans are always accepted, as are requests to reserve an item. However, no item can be reserved without a 25% deposit, and ALL payment plan agreements must be paid in full within 4 weeks. Should you require more time, your item will acquire a 4% interest for each additional week. Should you fail to keep up with your payments and arrange extensions, etc. your item will be relisted into the shop and the money cannot be refunded. Once you agree to reserve and make payments, the item is held for you and any possible sales are lost. Thus, Dopemystic does NOT offer refunds and it is strongly advised that the customer be dedicated to purchasing the item before entering into this agreement. In some cases exceptions are made as long as reasonable and mutually agreed upon, or in instances when dealing with a loyal repeat customer. Do not wait until too much time has passed to ask for an exception or extension to payment arrangements.

Please be sure you understand the policies mentioned here before reaching out to request a custom order or reservation. Thank you. 

To request a reservation or custom order, you may contact me via 

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