From out of the darkness, light and hope return ✨

❄️💖We have passed through the longest, darkest night to the return of light, as our hearths are prepared warm and cozy with the burning of the Yule log and the merriment and cheer of all those we hold dear gathering under one roof to share holiday joy. <3

With all the merriment, there is no doubt that many often also experience tremendous stress and tension this time of the year. To enter into a new year with refreshed energy and enthusiasm, please don't neglect yourself during the holidays! Here's a self-love ritual that's perfect for the upcoming new year, to relieve your tensions and restore your vigor!

Tonight, at Twilight, turn off all electronic devices in the home and lock all the doors...close all the blinds and curtains, and just enjoy the silence...embrace the natural sounds around you. Remove your shoes. Get comfortable. Take a slow, relaxing warm bath and let yourself sync to the rhythms of nature. knowing that you, by extension, are all natural...all nature. After you've cleansed yourself, light your hearth fire or bake a nice Yule pie .  Soak in the warmth that emits from the fire/the stove, and allow your body to naturally air dry. Then, apply some cocoa butter or coconut oil onto your skin, rubbing gently. You may wish to trace sigils/symbols onto your skin, charging the sigils by touch or emotion. Send each part of your body love and acceptance as you do this, and envision your own love enveloping you in a shining golden light. 

Next, take the time to give your body proper nourishment. If you've eaten unhealthily during the holidays, now is the time to give your body nurturing fuel, and if you've been dieting, now is the time to eat that food you've been craving! <3 Then, extinguish your fire/turn off the stove, and put away that pie (unless that's what you chose to eat, of course, in which case, put away what's left 😉) and crawl under the covers in bed. Let the darkness wash over you and fill you with its magick and love, as mystery pulses all around you and all throughout the Universe. Know that the love you feel in this darkness stretches all across the world...send it out to your loved ones, to your neighbors, to all living beings. Let this deep love vibrate in every cell of your body as you drift off to sleep.

And however you choose to celebrate this year, may you do so filled with love and light, and all things bright.

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May the new year bring you all peace, joy, and good fortune.