Creating A Powerful Anointing Oil With Snow Magick

I've been working on a special little magickal creation!

  It's a ritual tool anointing oil combined with the powers of freshly fallen snow. 

Snow has abundant magickal properties. Just the color alone bears extreme significance. Taoist wisdom declares that the color white symbolizes purity and spirituality. The ancients of Taoism taught that we came into this world wholly pure, thus there was no need for penitence as a spiritual method. In the (summarized) words of Deng Ming-Dao, "We are already holy. Why struggle to become something we already are?"

This resonates so deeply with me. For many, January is a time of fighting to hold true to a list of resolutions for the new year. For me, it is a time of reflection on the nature of what I already am...a time of embracing the woman I've become in the past year, and rejoicing in my constant state of Divinity and purity. 

Water in all its forms is a symbol of knowledge, and descending water in all forms represents the transmission of knowledge from a higher to a lower place, the flow of information from teacher to student. On a cosmic level, rain and snow reflect different ways in which divine energy flows to us from a higher spiritual plane.

Rain and snow alike remind me that the Goddess lovingly transmits her wisdom and love down to us, Yet, were she to send us such wisdom regularly, it would drown us...submerge us...obliterate us! 

In the past few days, we've experienced various forms of falling and sitting water...Snow, ice, and today, even rain. What a perfect opportunity to really internalize the message of water. In each transition of phases, the water shows us the way the Goddess transforms the flows of her wisdom in ways we can assimilate. Rain...the flowing stream of Her wisdom and love, retaining fluidity and absorbing into the Earth. Ice...the solidifying state, where we really process the stream of wisdom transmitted. And snow...that intermediary state, half heavenly, half Earth..the unification...the link between Self and Goddess is made. 

        With all this in mind, I decided I wouldn't let this chilly weather get me down, and that instead I would make use of it! So I grabbed a Mason jar and filled it with things that remind me of the season, like fresh Pine and Evergreen. I also dropped a large shiny quartz into the jar for energy amplification, and then I placed two of my great-grandmother's rings into the Mason jar, to directly anoint them with the freshly fallen snow. Lastly, I added rose petals, fresh white sage, and dried lavender buds to my jar before placing it out on my front step, minus the mason jar lid. 

When my jar was filled with snow, I brought it indoors, sealed it, and placed it in the refrigerator to allow the snow to melt while keeping the ingredients cold. Why? Because by keeping the ingredients cold, I'm honoring the MAIN ingredient's natural qualities. This is snow magick, ya know ;) So the whole purpose is to use herbs I'd normally use for cleansing and blessing my ritual tools, but to enhance the magick with the use of pure snow. 

You'll recall that I mentioned the symbolism of white. How enchanting is it to think that by using snow to cleanse your ritual items, or to anoint your most sacred belongings...or even better, to anoint're essentially stating that you acknowledge that the object's natural state is pure and divine? <3

Once the snow melted, I pulled out my jar and prepared to set it out once again, this time under the light of the moon. This way, I could gather the fresh snow while also charging the items within! 


This morning, I removed my great-grandmother's rings from the jar and placed them back in her jewelry box atop my ancestral altar. I'll wear these charged and snow-blessed beauties when I do my Tarot readings or when I meditate, feeling her presence and being touched by the magick of fresh snow.

   And tomorrow comes the work of actually making the oil! My jar is once more under the light of the moon. It has collected its final batch of fallen water (this time, rain) and will charge under the moon once more before I add the olive oil to it in the morning. It will then be transferred to an amber bottle and stored for the purpose of blessing and anointing the tools of my craft. <3

      If you choose to create your own magickal snow anointing oil, I hope you'll share it with me! Many Blessings, and all things bright. <3

-The Dopemystic Wytch