The Charms & Woes of Being a Witch...In The Bible Belt

While in some countries today being a Witch/being suspected of Witchcraft can get you killed in often brutal ways, here in the U.S. we have less fear of physical persecution. But that doesn't mean the average American Witch today does not face his/her own challenges and persecutions of another sort. 

More often than not, those who know little regarding the Craft will initially be wary, under the suspicion that I am Satanic. I can assure everyone that while there ARE Satanic Witches, I myself do not happen to be one. The concept of worshiping Satan is as foreign to me as a Christian's concept of worshiping Kali. Other times, it's assumed I'm not a spiritual being at all, or that my spirituality is somehow "wrong". Here, too, be assured...I am a highly spiritual woman, closely connected to many spiritual beings, to the world around me, and to every being on this planet. I pray. I heal. I love. 

As a Witch, I can admit that I miss out on many opportunities due to my personal beliefs, and the ignorance of those who misunderstand me. And perhaps I could choose to be less vocal, but then I would no longer I cannot change who I am, nor do I desire to...and those who know me would have me no other way.

I have had people look at me in shock and declare, "You don't look Pagan", or "Wow, isn't being a witch like being Satanic?!" To the latter, no. The two are not by any means synonymous. And to the former, I'm unsure of what a Pagan is even supposed to look like.  Should I have some distinct mark on me, some club membership card or a special ID that states I Am Pagan

I understand it can be strange to some...and yet, it baffles me to no end that people find it easy to believe in their notions and convictions, yet odd and mysterious, even outrageous, that I believe in dragon spirits and pixies and our own inherent magick. 

I have had people dismiss me and my efforts, my talent, my gifts...I have had people testify to me, pray for me and my soul, and outright mock me for being who and what I am. I imagine there are places outside of the Bible Belt where I would be much more accepted. And yet, I stand behind my belief that it is here where people like myself are most needed. When other options fail and a new path to healing is desired...when curiosity is piqued and answers are needed...I feel it a blessing and an honor to serve the witchy community. And when I am bashed, laughed at, condemned, and dismissed, I am reminded that my character is never defined by how others view me/treat me, but how I treat others. 

Wherever you are in the world, darling are not alone. If you are condemned, if you are passed up for opportunities for being who and what you are...stay strong! You are a beautiful soul, in tune to nature and filled with deep spirituality. You are wonderful. May you never forget it. 

      In love and eternal light,

The Dopemystic Wytch