Dopemystic's Slow Transformation: New Website Vibes

For regular fans, friends, and clients it's perhaps become obvious that the site is slowly taking on a new look and feel to complement the new skill-sets represented in the latest additions to the shop. Over the course of the next few days, the website will continue to evolve, along with the designs created. 

In choosing the new overall look for the site, I decided to go with something I've so often been ashamed of... my hands. 

When my husband and I go out to nice places, I hide my hands beneath the table. In the checkout lane at the grocery store, I'm quick to pull my hands away before the cashier can take notice of my many cuts and sores and the discoloration from hours of soldering at my little wooden slab on the floor of my home. My hands tell a story all their own...of years spent experimenting with wired designs without the money for the proper tools to bend and shape my complex creations..days and nights hunched over without a break as hot solder would splash my fingers and leave burns on my fingertips...which, funny to admit, has made it very hard to use my fingers to login to apps on my phone! I have calluses and nicks and all the things that would never make me the ideal hand model, that's for sure! And rather than spend the money or time on trying to remedy this, what do I do? Ha, I dig in the earth with my bare hands for crystals and stones, scoop the floors of riverbeds with my fingernails...

But in my years of creating and jewelry designing, I've slowly started to see that just as I take pride in my work, I should take pride in the very hands that create the pieces intended to heal, bless, and empower. And so, the very thing that once caused me shame has become the highlight in the photos of my designs. 

Our hands have the power to create and destroy, heal and harm. Their stories cannot be hidden. They reveal our passions, our adventures, and our dedications. 

   And this is the proud new Dopemystic vibe.