New Moon in Gemini

Date: June 13th, 2018

Rulers: Mercury, Air, Mutable

Keywords for this new moon are: choice, thoughts, words, energy, truth.

Affects: restlessness, social media drama, increased need for socialization, distractions, scattered thinking, insomnia, issues with technology, politics, and communication, unexpected news, transportation/travel, issues relating to the lungs and the mind, mental energy and clarity

This New Moon in Gemini seems to reinforce concepts introduced by the New Moon in Taurus, which favoured the absorption of new information and the transformation of our values from the new knowledge that was being formulated. We’re still in this process of assimilation and resignification of old teachings and patterns of behaviour, but now we’ll be getting the chance to have a more active participation in this process and also to dive back into unresolved issues of our past.

This New Moon in Gemini is also a super moon, giving extra intensity and passion to this energizing new lunar cycle. Expect change, it’s time to break out of your routine. As always in a New Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct, and in Gemini, this allows us to come up with unique ways of thinking, being creative, and ways to bring new things into our lives. If you feel restless or anxious on this day, it’s simply your subconscious itching for change or a new mental challenge. If you’ve been bored, this New Moon may fix that.

There’s a beautiful sextile between Mercury:Cancer and Uranus:Taurus. Now might be the time for us to liberate ourselves from inefficient habits by receiving enlightenment as new kinds of a knowledge that will transform our lives in unexpected ways are introduced to us. It’d be interesting for us to be more open and willing to change, to reconnect ourselves to our intuition and focus on being available to receive any kind of information as it comes. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t analyse what people and the world tell us and simply take it all in, but it does mean we should first listen to everything they have to say before assuming a more critical approach. This new information we can receive for the next few weeks may change our behaviours and our ways of perceiving the world and dealing with various things in our lives in a rather radical manner, so keep an open mind if you’re interested.

However, we should be aware that any kind of irresponsible behaviour can be punished, and this is evidenced by the opposition between Saturn:Capricorn and Mercury:Cancer. If we really want our lives to change for the best and if we are really willing to learn new things, we must commit to this purpose, try out new things, do our best in replacing old habits for new, fresher ones and put effort into it. The changes announced can be radical, but they won’t surely come if we don’t work towards our objectives with clear motives and intentions and also some hard work. It takes a lot of effort to be in a position in which we don’t feel comfortable, but this opposition may reward anyone who shows the commitment necessary to do so.

This opposition between Saturn and Mercury may also point to the opportunity to deal more closely with karmic events and debts during this month, which is supported by other aspects in this New Moon’s chart. The Moon is in Gemini with the Sun, in Mercury’s realm, while Mercury himself is in Cancer, which is the Moon’s territory. We also have Mars conjunct the South Node in this lunation. All of these seem to suggest that now would be a good time to deal with problems of our past, especially the ones where strong emotions are involved. Because Mercury’s in Cancer under Saturn’s watchful gaze, this might be a good time to revisit our past and deal more maturely with our feelings and relationships, even if it seems that we’ve left them buried somewhere in the road we’ve traveled. Relationships and matters of the past can be reignited, but the focus should be on revising and revaluating not only what happened but also what we want from us and from others right now, in the present. If something’s been left unfinished, now might be the time to set our cards on the table and make it all clear once and for all.

If you’d like to be more specific considering how this lunation might affect you, search for 22° Gemini in your chart; see in which house it falls and if there are any planets related to this degree (in the sign of Gemini and others signs in the form of aspects).

Be open to exchange information and experiences with those around you. Take the time to hear and consider what other people are saying. What they’re telling you might be important for you to get rid of the old and bring in the new in your life.
Activate the mutable part of yourself. Find ways to be adaptable and flexible and work with what you have in the moment. Don’t resist change if you feel like changing would be good for you. Let go of what isn’t yours anymore.
Be curious! Allow yourself to be interested in the ways in which people live their lives. Try out new things. Do what’s never been done.
Commit to installing change once you’ve felt it’d be nice for you to change. It can be difficult and slow at the start, but you need to respect the pace of Time (and your own rhythm as well).
Accept information from all sources, including those coming from your intuition.
Deal maturely with the past if it shows up again! Identify your priorities (one of which should be yourself) and work with them.
Be honest and fair with yourself. Allow yourself to just feel things and not be able to explain everything you feel and do. Allow yourself to want things. Search for the feeling of being free because you’ve learned what you need and how you work internally.