Oracle Cards FAQ

Oracle cards are a set of cards used for divination.  They are not divided up into suites like tarot–in fact, most oracle deck don’t have any divisions at all.  Each card has a picture and a name, and nothing else.  No suites, no elemental associations, no numerological or astrological associations aside from what’s given to the reader in the artwork itself.  There is nothing outside of the oracle card to tell you what it means.  What I mean by that is, there is no association telling you that pentacles is connected to earth element and implies stability and fertility.  What’s in the picture is all you get to figure out the card (though some decks do include reference books).  Oracle cards are a powerful way to amp up your divination abilities.

photo from The Dope Oracle deck

photo from The Dope Oracle deck

Decks come in all different sorts. Like the Greek oracle, these cards are meant to help you connect with the Divine knowledge and to help you build your intuition! An Oracle deck is more free-form than a Tarot deck, and can be anything – there are no rules that must be followed (which I love!!!). They are useful for anyone looking for answers and meaning. They can have any number of cards, with or without a reference book and can be designed around any theme. With less structure to an oracle card deck, there is more scope to allow your intuition and the connected universal guidance of life to truly shape the reading. It is about you, your intuition and your interpretation being left to its own devices to guide you, as opposed to a structured reading from a tarot card.

How do I use these cards? 

Shuffle how you wish and then lay out or pull the cards.  There are no reversals in oracle cards as far as I can tell.  Reversals would strike me as rather pointless, since oracle cards tend to emphasize positive occurrences by their very nature.  Then you read the cards to find the answer.

How do I perform a reading?

To perform a reading, first sit in meditation for a couple of minutes. Meditation means nothing more than trying to still your mind and think of nothing (it shouldn't be difficult or unnatural). 

Next, when you feel relaxed, ask the spirits around you to give you guidance while you work with your Oracle cards. You may feel a physical sensation which makes it hard to relax, such as an itch on your face or the feeling of a grab of your hand; this is good! This means that spirit is making themselves known to you. You will notice that next time when you perform readings, you will get the same 'signal' telling you that you're ready to do business. 

After a few minutes (not too long or your ass gets sore) you can perform the reading. First, decide if you want to perform a general or non-general reading. General readings, are readings where you do not ask a question, you just pull cards. So, if you want to do a card of the day, all you do is pull a card or several cards and read the outcome as 'general' advice. Or, if you want to do a specific reading (non-general) you ask about an area of your life. For example, "What do I need to know about my love life." Even if you are just learning how to read Oracle cards, I recommend that you try both styles so that you can get used to 'flexing' card meanings to fit different scenarios. 

Once you have laid your cards out, record your advice. It is best if you write down what comes to you at the time before referring to the booklet. The want to train yourself to trust your intuition before relying on the the book which comes with your cards. Read the book after you have written down your first impressions. 

If you're new to divination, I recommend you write your interpretations down in some type of diary or journal assigned for that purpose. Recording your readings is a good way to train your intuition into organizing your thoughts in a more structured fashion. You can also begin to see patterns in what times of days, card decks, even weather affects your divination. Things you may want to keep a record of include: spreads, card decks, the date, where you were, astrology, incense, rituals, weather, mood, dreams you had that night, among other things; you can get creative! 

How do I care for my Oracle deck?

Create a sacred space for reading your cards with a spread cloth. Traditionally these have been used for tarot, but will work just as well for oracle cards. Energetically speaking, using a spread cloth gives you and your cards a sacred space for reading wherever you are. It adds another layer to the ritual of reading your cards. Bonus, if you read in other places, it will help keep your cards clean.

If you’ve had some off readings that didn’t feel quite right it might be time to give your cards good energetic cleanse. Another reason to cleanse your cards is if they’ve been sitting for a while and haven’t been used. Stagnant decks will pick up all sorts of vibes, so it’s a great time to cleanse them. Here are 5 quick and easy ways to lift any bad vibes or stagnant energy from your oracle deck:

1. Salt Bath: No water needed for this bath, simply set your cards in a tray of sea salt or Himalayan pink salt and let the salt soak up any unwanted vibes.

2. Sage or Palo Santo: Light your favorite option and let your cards be bathed in the smoke of it to cleanse them. 

3. Full Moon: Lay your cards in the light of the moon for a energetic refresh. Of course, each moon phase will have it’s own effect. 

4. Tapping/Knocking: Tap the deck against something, or tap it with your hands / another object.

5. Crystals: Place a crystal that corresponds to your intention upon the deck, or somewhere near it. You could also form a crystal grid around it.

Here are some options for protecting your oracle and tarot decks:

Cloth bag: Similar to the spread cloth, the color of the bag you choose matters. Use your intuition and do some research on color meanings to determine the best color of bag for your deck.
Wooden box: This is perfect for a deck you feel is calling out for an earthy vessel. A box will also offer additional protection if you travel with them.
Wrap them in your spread cloth: Your spread cloth can serve dual purposes and will work well as a protective cover for your cards
Crystals: Place a crystal on top of your deck, in the bag, or in the box with your cards to offer a layer of energetic protection. You can never go wrong with clear quartz!
      “Sleep with one card under your pillow each night to allow your subconscious mind to create symbols and meanings for the cards. Your tarot cards are like personal love notes from your soul and will help to guide you along your spiritual path of awakening.”

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