June=Sunny Symbolism!

Happy June, Witchlings! 

Place some of these sunny and powerful symbols on your altar, desk, around the house:

Fire element symbol or symbols of the sun
Shells, or any other earthy bits that remind you of the summer sun
Light a red, yellow or orange candle to honor the sun
Place fresh herbs and flowers out as a reminder of the gifts of the sun
Light incense or diffuse EO’s containing lemon, pine, and/or myrrh

If you are really looking to bring some sunshine into your world, wearing a flower crown will really get you in the summertime spirit and give you good reason to embrace your goddess energy.

Crowns of all sorts have adorned the heads of the most ultimate goddesses throughout time and across cultures. However, no crown seems to come close to the beauty that is the flower crown! 

I’ve got a bit of floral history for you, the meaning behind some favorite flowers and a short DIY to get you started with flower crowns.

Floral crowns have been used for celebrating Ostara (Spring Equinox) and, maybe more commonly, Beltane (the celebration between spring and summer). Various Pagan religions would adore statues of their Gods and Goddesses with flower crowns during these times of the year.

The Romans held this fertility goddess in high esteem. Flora was said to wear “garlands of a thousand flowers.” In the Roman culture, a springtime festival was held to honor the renewal of the lifecycle. If flower crowns are your thing, then this was the place for you! Even the dogs were decorated with flowers! Flora was said to wear soft yellow flowers to represent the essence of spring. Honor Flora with a buttercup blossom!

Hawaii definitely has its bases covered when it comes to tropical blossoms. Here, flowers are worn on ankles, wrists, and yes…heads, too. In Hawaii floral crowns are known as “haku lei.” You can find bronzed goddesses roaming the beaches decked out in flower crowns on any day of the week! It’s also customary for the natives to gift these beautiful crowns to friends and visitors.


  • Laurel: Symbol of triumph
  • Buttercup: Childishness, neatness, humility
  • Myrtle: Marital fidelity, good fortune
  • Periwinkle: Happy memories, achieving your dreams
  • Daisy: Innocence, cheerfulness
  • Rose: Love
  • Pink Peony: Riches, honor, prosperity
  • Baby’s Breath: Long lasting love, angelic
  • Dandelion: Survival, spiritual intelligence
  • Gardenia: Purity, love
  • Laurel: Success, glory
  • Daffodil: Self love
  • Lavender: Inner peace, joy
  • Orchid: Love, money
  • *Yarrow: Toss into fire as an offering to Fire Spirits
  •           Note: Roses may safely be substituted for any flower.

Crown crafting is the perfect tribe building activity! Of course, you’re economical so it only makes sense for you and your besties to get together and bring your favorite bunch of flowers to share. 

Supplies: Flowers, scissors, string

  1. Start with three flowers and start by braiding the stems together.
  2. As you braid continue to add in more flowers and their stems into your braid.
  3. Once you have long enough braid of flowers to make a crown, carefully bend your braid into a circle shape.
  4. Using string or a stem of a flower tie the back overlapping parts of your flower braid.
  5. Fill out your crown by sticking flowers into the braid around the crown or by tying them onto the braid.

The summer solstice occurs around June 20th and brings with it the most daylight hours of any day of the year! It’s no surprise that there are centuries of Summer Solstice rituals involving heat, fire and the sun.

Enjoy a yoga pose that best honors the Summer Solstice. This is definitely a pose that will ignite your internal fire! The goddess pose is a wide-legged squat that will challenge your mind and body. For an added bonus practice this outside to energize yourself with the sun’s rays! Coincidentally, goddess pose is also known as fiery angle pose! This is a great posture for building heat in the body and increasing circulation.



And don't forget to get creative! Here's a nudge in that direction- a free coloring sheet of a summer solstice mandala! 


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