Rach Simon's Witchy Woman Spotlight Feature: Celebrating Mabon as a Family

Who says the solitary practitioner must always be solitary? Get your kids involved! 


To celebrate Mabon, I took my kids on a nature walk in the field behind our house. As we made our way through the overgrown bushes and grass we talked about how the leaves were starting to change from shades of bright, vibrant green to warm, fiery yellows and reds. Some leaves had begun to dance away from their perches of reaching branches, twirling in the, now chilly, wind. The grass that had been thirsty all summer was crunchy under our feet as we wandered in our own wonderland. I smiled as I watched my own little magic show. My babies running and climbing. Breathing in the glorious great air. Pretending to fly off huge rocks. Being with nature. Enjoying themselves without screens in their faces! Finally, we made it to the five or six apple trees that live in the middle of the field and let the harvest begin! Apples galore! Sweet little apples to nourish their sweet little bodies. As we gathered our treasure, I took that time to talk to them about the apple tree. I explained that the apple tree represents wisdom and guidance. It represents love, as it is ruled by the love planet, Venus. We talked about how the apple starts out as a dainty flower that bees pollinate and use to make honey.  The flower grows and matures into an apple which then feeds us and the wild animals that live in our neighborhood. My kids noticed all the birds that make their homes in the trees. And the bugs!!! While we had our apple picnic under the umbrella of that beautiful tree I reminded my littles of the importance of thanking mother nature for her gift and also giving gifts. With bags full of goodies, we headed back up the trail to the house. On the way up the hill, I was blessed with the gift of a feather from a scrub Jay that lives on the property. With a big, toothy grin I accepted my gift and took my troop to the kitchen. Since I have a toddler, we decided to make cinnamon applesauce with this batch. The girls are older so they got to peel, cut and boil the apples. My boy had the honor of being the button pusher on the blender and title of "Official Taste Tester".  After we set a saucer out as offering, the four of us sat around the wood stove and enjoyed the fruits of our labor and talked about other things you can do with apples. Some ideas were making candle holders, hanging them in trees in the yard for the little critters to munch on and making apple chips! 


There are so many ways to involve our little ones (and not so little ones) in old traditions and making up new ones! In love and light!