It's Not A Home Until It's Been...Painted In!

My husband and I have been in our new home for about 2 weeks now. We still have endless boxes stacked along the walls of every room, but it's slowly beginning to feel like its ours.

It's my opinion that a home become HOME once you've created in it. <3 



So a couple of nights ago, I ignored the clutter all around...the many boxes and all the things we just couldn't seem to get around to putting away in between our long hours at work and juggling the care of our boys and transitioning. I pushed all the furniture out of the way, and I laid out a drop cloth and mixed some paints. 



I think the best part of the experience for me, aside from putting my stress over unpacking and getting situated aside for a while, was doing what I love with my boys near me. In a way, it's like the experience of creating with them close by solidified that this indeed IS our home. 

Those who follow me on Facebook will recall that I've been working on a new Cosmic Witch project, a spirit board for communicating with the cosmos. This is the first work of love I decided to dedicate myself to in our new home. 

And I think the progress is going...stellar. <3