Witchy Woman Spotlight: Leslie Green

Channeled Artwork by Leslie Green

Hello from the beautiful shores of Lake Huron, Canada.  I live here in my magical little cottage with my husband Glenn and my fur-baby Dodger the dog plus a few grandchildren that love to visit.  They so enjoy Grandma's Magical Cupboard filled with candy and toys.                                          I'm what you would call a Spirit Painter, Visionary, Writer and Energy Worker of different modalities.  I love to bring thru Spirit in its many forms.  I've been painting /drawing and watching the spirit world since I've been very young.  I could never figure out what the strange things coming through my paintings and drawings were, not realizing I was a Channeler for Spirit.  I finally learned what was happening around me and how to work with it as l got older.            I've taught many classes for Decorative Art, Folk Art, Face Studies and Landscapes.  Got away from teaching and started to really channel my work about 25 years ago.  I've now gotten away from doing private paintings and just love to channel through the paintings that need to go out there.                  

I'm a crystal collector, love to take orb pictures and enjoy my herb gardening.  My first love will always be painting.  I work out of my private studio I call ' The Olde Hat & Broom'.                                                                     
     Leslie Green