Because all of my patinas and sealants are homemade, you may notice discoloration over time on your molten metal and reticulated items. This is nothing to be alarmed about. Simply rub down your item with a bit of mineral oil and be sure to store it with tarnish protection tabs or in tarnish protection bags when not being worn. It is recommended that you do not allow your items to be exposed to water over extended periods of time.

Please note: Adornments should be handled with care and can be charged under a full moon after extended wear/impact from negative energies. 


What's up with the turtle?

You'll see a lot of Tia on my site! He was given to me by a friend during a period of my life when I was really fascinated by strengthening my ties to Draconic practices. We've developed a pretty strong bond, and I consider Tia my Familiar, my Companion, my Teacher, and my mightiest animal ally. 

What does it mean to be a floral witch?

Being a floral witch means that I tend to gravitate towards floramancy and botanomancy when practicing divination. I work closely with flora and it's one of the main tools of my Craft, from floral/herbal teas and washes and sacred smokes, to floral empowerments and blessings and spirit petitions.  

Why do you incorporate Hindu and Vodoun deities/symbols/correspondences into your work?

My roots are steeped in Vodoun practices, but in 2017 I also took my vows under a Tibetan Master. I have a connection to the deity Tara (my Buddhist name is, in fact, Tara Buddha-Sangye Drolma). That's the beauty of eclectic witchcraft, not being tied to any one belief system or deity lineage. Almost all of my spiritual matters are placed at the feet of either Tara, Kali, or Papa Legba. 

How often do you update the shop?

Unlike some online shops in the same field, I do not have set shop updates. Because my creations are crafted with specific intentions and during certain phases, I'm not able to provide weekly set shop updates. I simply create from the heart, and share my work when the timing is right. 

What's the best way to stay up-to-date on all things dope and mystical?

Because I have no set shop updates, you may wish to stay updated on releases and dope and mystical news. While there is an option to subscribe here, I'll be honest and say that I run everything on my own, and juggling subscriber emails can sometimes be too much of a hassle for me to keep up with! I still recommend subscribing, as this really is something I'm working to get better about, but I also suggest that you bookmark the site and/or follow me on Instagram, where I share information on shop updates and works in progress. Keeping up with my works in progress can help you get an idea of what's coming, and you can always claim one of these works before it's released and have it made especially for you!

Did you know....

  Copper jewelry started appearing about 7000 years ago. The Museum of Ancient History in Lower Austria found a female jeweler’s grave, dispelling the long-held assumption that in ancient times, jewelers were always male.



Please email the wytch at thedopemytsicwytch@dopemystic.com to request participation in art trades.

If you wish to request to exchange items in order to obtain a piece listed in my shop, you may also email me at the above email address with photos. I accept the following exchanges for my items: rough turquoise in good condition, sacred herbs and hard-to-obtain flora, promotional products, leather and copper scraps, bones/antlers/horns, and preserved animals/insects ethically acquired.