A Floral Witch

I don't recall ever really having any friends when I was a little girl, aside from all my cousins. There were a bunch of them, and we were all close. They lived in Louisiana, and I was able to see them almost every summer, and even more often once we moved there of course. We swam in mudholes and rivers, played in Magnolia trees, ate way too much crawfish and hot boiled peanuts, and fought over barbie dolls and caboodles (do you guys remember those?!). But aside from them, I didn't play with other kids much. I preferred to be alone reading somewhere in the woods or on a blanket in the yard with my Mom. 

My Mom loved flowers. She still does. I remember how much she liked to pick fresh flowers and put them in vases around the house, how much she loved honeysuckle and pecans and mulberries. And I remember that one of my most favorite things in the world were freshly fallen pine needles-I loved their smell, and I'd sit on the ground near a pile of them and suck them all dry of their piney juices! I loved rocks, too. Not fancy crystals, but just plain old rocks. I kept bags of them all over my room, and each time my Granny came to visit she'd sit with me for hours as I showed off my large rock collection...and my dozens of shoe boxes filled with frogs, which I was also slightly obsessed with (still am). Actually, pretty much every single thing I was fond of as a child is something I hold dear to this day, especially flowers. 

I wish I could say I'm a floral expert. But I'm not. I don't know the name of every flower I come across. That's not to say I haven't enrolled in online herbal and botanical schools, because I have, and I've read millions of books, too. Still, I remain quite uneducated you could say, and sometimes I have to admit I'm thankful for that...because there's a magick and a mystery to flowers that I don't think I'd experience if I were more of a "professional." I don't even build my associations between my work and flora based necessarily on a bunch of strict correspondences, etc. I make my own associations. When I create an adornment, I become attached to it. The feelings that rise up when I hold that piece bring to mind a certain scent, or a time I came across a gorgeous flower that gave me the same sensation, and I trust my intuition and go with it. Because everything is interconnected, I trust that the energy doesn't lie and that any association I make has meaning...the crystal that formed under the ground carries the same energy of the flowers I stop to admire, and that same energy is in me, and round and round it goes, and that's all I really need to know. While I still study and research and strive to learn more, I know that the real core of my understanding should always come from personal connection. 

I love pairing photos of my pieces with flora. To me, it's overwhelming..these natural pieces of magickal treasure captured in a single frame. It is heartbreakingly beautiful and it is intensified when I stop to consider that I played a role in creating a bit of the magick, that I created something from what the Earth provides..it's just a really beautiful thing. 

So you see, I do not call myself a floral witch because I'm a wisely scholar with tons of information on every flower I see. I call myself a floral witch because I connect with flora on an intimate level, and it's a relationship that means something to me. 

What I have here is a little space to share all things floral related, and I made it separate from the blog because I felt it needed its own space. If you're a floral lover like me, I think you'll enjoy this as much as I'll enjoy utilizing it. 

May it be so.