The Garden In Summer

Not only the days, but life lengthens in Summer. I would...gather more of it to me, could I do so.
— Richard Jeffries

I love the sounds of Summer: bees buzzing, birds chirping, and the sounds of leaves rustling. Mornings are magickal, fresh with dew and ablaze with warmth...and nights are aromatically filled with the scents of moonflower and honeysuckle. This is the best time of the season to visit farmers' markets, mulch your plants to keep the roots cool, and move your house plants outdoors into partially shaded areas. 

In Early Summer: Remove your spent spring perennials, prune and feed your early-flowering shrubs once they've finished blooming, and cut back the roses to the first stem with 5 leaflets.

In Mid-Summer: Pinch back your asters and and plant your late-blooming perennials in pots outdoors. Harvest lettuce and replant bed with veggies that produce later in the season, such as carrots and radishes. 

In Late Summer: Order Spring bulbs for Fall planting

   All throughout Summer, be sure to feed your annuals and snip your herbs to encourage bushy growth. Harvest flora, veggies, and herbs late in the day and water container plants frequently. 

Attract Hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees to your garden in the Summer. Hummingbirds devour flies, mosquitoes, and slugs. Hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies assist in pollination (bumblebees are important to cold-zone gardeners because they pollinate early in the season).


Day's Eye
This spell is from The Book of Spells: Vintage Edition by Nicola de Pulford. The name "daisy" comes from "day's eye". The flower was named as such because it blooms at sunrise, then folds its petals back up at sunset—like an eye, opening during the day and closing at night. This spell can be done alone as well as be fun for the whole family.

One a bright and sunny day, go daisy picking. Take the kids along! Pick as many as you can - be sure to thank the earth and the plants for their sacrifice though! It isn't written in the book, but personally, I suggest bringing along a bottle of water to pour into the earth as an offering of gratitude for the daisies.

If you brought along the kids, find a nice warm place to sit and make daisy chains. Tell them about how daisies are the Day's eyes, and that they are believed to bring luck and happiness of childhood. Daisies are also a symbol of survival because they can grow in any climate. When you are finished making your daisy chain, place it against your forehead and wish for luck. Instruct the kids to do the same. Next, have everyone put their chain on their heads as chaplets - do the same with yours. Now stand up, get in a circle and hold hands. Dance in a circle, seven times around towards the east, and seven times around towards the west, while thanking Mother Earth for her blessings. Place your chain in a little pouch—it should be yellow, for the sun - and keep it with you to safeguard your luck.

Banish Old Habits
This is a modified version of the “Banish Old Habits” spell found in Lisa Chamberlain’s Wicca Natural Magic Kit. This spell should be cast between three in the afternoon and sunset.

You will need:

1 black candle
1 small piece of paper and writing utensil
Fireproof bowl
Take your pen and paper and the candle, and either go outside or sit by a window where the rays of the falling sun shine directly on you. Think about the habit you wish to banish, see it fade from your life as the sun’s light fades as the day comes to a close. On the piece of paper, write down a short and concise statement of the habit you wish to rid yourself of. If you’d rather you can create a sigil or draw a symbol that represents the habit. Set the paper aside when you finish. Take the candle and hold it in the light. See the golden light fill the candle and know that the flame will be the Sun’s energy, bleaching the habit from your life as it bleaches color from cloth.

Take your paper and candle to your sacred space. Light the candle and imagine your life without the habit. When you’re ready, light the paper on fire from the candles’ flame and drop it into the fireproof dish. As the paper burns, keep the image of your life free of the habit strong in your mind. Say “I release the habit of ­­­_______, and welcome the positive energy created by its’ absence.”