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The Garden In Spring

Spring is a time of renewal in which the sun climbs higher in the sky, days grow milder, and and the garden bursts with life in a vibrant display of regal colors. This is when the kitchen garden thrives, and there's much to do!

No matter what the almanac may say, the year begins with the first month of Spring, when the snowdrifts into rivulets slip away, and bluebirds of the coming violet sing.
— Lucy Larcom

In Early Spring: prune your trees and shrubs, test the pH levels of your soil (as well as the nutrient content), and begin planting.

In Mid-Spring: Start your tender veggies and your warm-season flora indoors, and sow the hardy annuals (such as larkspur, cosmos, etc). Remove what remains of the winter mulch, plant your bush fruits, prune any early-flowering shrubs, and fertilize new growth perennials (note that it's best to divide your crowded summer/fall-blooming perennials). 

In Late Spring: Once the soil has warmed, begin mulching. When all danger of frost has passed, plant begonias in a shady area. Sow biennial seeds, such as foxglove, for the following year. Mark areas for your new fall bulb plantings. 

    All throughout Spring, be sure to deadhead flora from Spring bulbs (let the foliage die back on its own), tie and train your climbers, and weed after rainstorms.

Create a welcoming habitat for indigenous wildlife by mixing deciduous and evergreen trees/shrubs; this provides shelter, camouflage, and food. 


                         Each Spring, I work deeply with my plant spirit ally, Echinacea, by burning the dried flowers in incense, and using it at my altar as an offering to Tara. What do you do in the Spring to honor flora/work with flora in your practice?

                       Brightest Blessings,

The Dopemystic Wytch

Small Look At My Garden Today

We recently moved to a small apartment (really, it's a house turned into 3 apartments) in Midtown. One of my first endeavors in making it homey here was to invest in seeds, soil, and pretty things for the garden. Being outdoors when I'm home is enchanting, like a magickal little oasis. It's where I meditate, enjoy my morning brew, bond with my plant spirit allies, and commune with Nature on an intimate level. Below are a few photos of my lovelies I've been nurturing, and my favorite little spaces of comfort.