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Autumn Wilderness Walking

Another year is drawing to a close and a new year stretches before us filled with promise. We are now reflecting on ways we wish to further enrich our lives, establish deeper connections with Self, and fall ever more in love with the magick of the crisp world around us.

The beauty of life truly lies in making each day an adventure. One way I love to do this no matter the season, but perhaps more so during Autumn, is to seek solitude and space during a trek through the wilderness. During these walks, I often find I am able to tune out the noise and craziness of everyday bustling and really tune in to my Spirit. You don’t necessarily need to push your body to any extremes, but you do want a walk that, upon finishing your journey, you are aware of your own resilience and determination. I have also found that walks like these reawaken my appetite for discovery, and I’ll occasionally come across the perfect spot to pause and

As the seasons change and the nights grow longer and the days get colder, it can be almost instinct for us to want to hide away in the warmth of our homes. However, maintaining an adventurous spirit is more important now than when the weather beckons us outdoors, because too often we succumb to those oh-so-terrible cold-time blues. Simply setting aside time to go out and watch the birds, climb trees, or even sleep outdoors overnight is not only fun but key to staying in touch with Nature and staying aligned with Self.

When you feel like the voice within is hard to hear, when daily demands and pressures weigh you down, press your feet into the Earth and melt your heart into the wild. Every step you take will build the bridge between Mother and you.

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