Shipping & Returns

Shipping Domestic

Domestic shipping standards for Dopemystic may vary based on weight, however the standard is $9.50. All orders ship with free paper crafts or poetry, or other small gifts based on season and availability. Orders are also shipped with a range of sacred herbs and flora for you to use as you desire. Because all orders are handled through Paypal, your items receive free insurance. An additional $3.50 fee is applied if you'd like to request a signature upon delivery (please email me if this is something you'd like to do, and we can arrange your payment). When expecting a custom order, never assume standard shipping rates will apply. If your item is something such as one of the fantasy cosplay items, it is heavy and BIG and WILL require more than the standard to be shipped. Sometimes partial shipping is added into the total of the item for convenience.

Orders can take anywhere from 1-3 days to ship, depending on any empowerments you have requested be placed on your items, and the needs of any ritual that must take place before your item can be shipped to you (lunar phase, etc). However, I do try to ship most items same-day as long as the order has been placed before noon. I live in a small town where the post office closes at 3pm and is not open on the weekends.

Shipping International

Again, the price may vary based on weight, and here too based on distance. The fee can range from $12-$37, based on your location. The above applies here as well. 

Returns/Refunds & Exchanges

Dopemystic does not offer refunds or returns outside of special circumstances (i.e. severe damage in the process of shipping). You agree upon payment to buy the item as is, therefore any adjustments you desire to be made to an item will require additional fees. You may not swap items out of a set, nor exchange an item once purchased for something else. No refunds are given on custom order payment plans.