Dance Of Twilight: Dutch-Rose Revealing Oil

Dance Of Twilight: Dutch-Rose Revealing Oil


Purely handcarfted oil, no additives or preservatives, straight from garden to my kitchen to you.

(Note: to extend shelf-life you may add a bit of fine sea salt)

Charged with a small Green Aventurine ("The Stone of Opportunity") to impart all-around healing.


Carrier Oil: 1 part Olive Oil (healing and protection) and 1 part Fractionated Coconut Oil (purity of spiritual vibrations and protection)

White Dutch Clover Blossom: works against hexes

Red Clover: banishes negative spirits and aids in financial dealings

Red Rose: Clairvoyance; promotes peace

Magickal Use: Reveal negative influences and block negativity

Medicinal Use: Lowers high cholesterol, reduces symptoms of menopause, purifies the blood, anti-anxiety

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