Band: Adjustable

Created with fusion and solder rolling techniques.

Handmade Shibuichi copper, a Japanese copper alloy patinated through the niiro-eki processes and treated with Rokushō. 40% Silver, 60% copper.

As a jewelry artist, working intimately with copper was a game-changer for me. Combining my love for science with my natural affinity for understanding herbs and flora and their many uses, I formed wide ranges of homemade patinas and taught myself flame painting as well. In my research, I felt most drawn to the lovely Japanese coppers, and I knew that copper craftsmanship was my calling. To prepare myself, I shifted from copper electroforming to silversmithing, getting acquainted with the jeweler’s torch in combination with my soldering iron, before moving on to new processes such as layered mixed metals and forging billets. I am currently expanding my skills to encompass lapidary, inlays, etchings, and lamination.

These new pieces represent my journey as an artist, and the beginning of a new direction for Dopemystic.

Band: Copper, adjustable

All of my jewelry is sealed with a homemade lacquer to prevent tarnish and protect the skin

Magickal Information:

Sodalite and Yellow Turquoise

Copper stimulates energy flow, enhances psychic abilities, and balances the energies of the sun and the moon.

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