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Metalwork features a sweet rose quartz mama and baby fox, a rose quartz accent, and a rose quartz center with a glass heart.

May the reminder that you are loved, and you are the essence of love, evoke and connect you to immense power.

Empowerment: reawaken self-love

Copper stimulates energy flow, enhances psychic abilities, and balances the energies of the sun and the moon.

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Fastest method

Wet your copper jewelry piece with lemon juice, sprinkle with a bit of table salt then rub with either a soft cloth or your fingers until tarnish is gone. Rinse with water then dry thoroughly. To maintain a beautiful finish and protective coating after cleaning, you can apply a thin coat of car wax, let dry then buff with a soft cloth. The car wax is an excellent method of avoiding tarnish on silver and bronze as well.

Easiest method

Fill a small glass or plastic (don't use metal) cup with white vinegar, place your copper jewelry into the glass of vinegar making sure the vinegar covers the jewelry. You can add a sprinkle of salt to the vinegar if you'd like. Walk away for several minutes. After several minutes remove your copper jewelry from the cup, rinse with cold water, dry your jewelry with a soft cloth. You may then apply a thin coat of car wax, let dry then buff with a soft cloth.

Commercial cleaners

Using a commercial jewelry polishing cloth is a good way to keep your copper jewelry shiny and clean. If your copper jewelry has an added patina, avoid using the commercial polishing cloth as it may eventually rub the patina off the copper depending on how the patina was originally applied.

Commercial copper cleaner especially the powder types, aren't made for copper jewelry and may be abrasive leading to scratches in your jewelry.