Pawky Fate

Pawky Fate


Band is sterling silver, roughly between a 6 and 6 1/2

Features green, watermelon, pink, and black rough tourmaline

Magickal benefits of the stones: Black tourmaline (schrol) is a talismanic stone said to protect the user from demons and negative energies while performing magickal work. It is also worn to help minimize the wearer's own negative thoughts and doubts and encourage positive action as well as a general protectant. Pink tourmaline stimulates the heart chakra. It is calming and joyful and may be used to draw love and joy to you. {Pink tourmaline is a birthstone for October and the traditional gift for the 8th wedding anniversary.}

Green tourmaline can be used to help overcome bad habits, fears and other challenges and can be used generally to promote courage and personal strength.

Watermelon tourmaline combines the energies of pink and green tourmaline. May be worn or otherwise used to attract joy and to balance male and female energies.

Additional empowerments I’ve placed onto this adornment are as follows: protection from negative energies and soothing panic attacks

Element: Water

Planet: Venus

Dedicated to Goddess Manat, (Fate, hence the adornment’s name Pawky Fate), the Arabian Goddess of Time, Destiny, and Death

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