Sleepy-Eyed Plant Spirit Bookmark: Ausar

Sleepy-Eyed Plant Spirit Bookmark: Ausar


Plant Spirits are considered the most basic life form, and elementals work with each individual blossom while the Fae work with the whole plant.

Plant Spirit healing assists us with attuning to our own true natures, cleansing us internally to empty our psyche of worn-out beliefs, old patterns, negative thought processes, and unwarranted fears.

When working with plant-spirit healing, we focus on the energy body to address the source of dis-ease, rather than merely treating a symptom. There may be many manifestations of illness in a person but they all come from the same source – a disruption in one’s energy body. When we are not at home with ourselves or not living according to our own true nature, the energy becomes contradictory, causing misalignment or vulnerability.

Because of the vibratory quality of light and sound, and the high-level of intelligence of plants, their ability to communicate and heal is superior to that of any other life-form on the planet, including humans. The practice of plant-spirit healing is a gift available for everyone to receive – not only those with a special interest in plants – and can guide us to reconnect with the plants and re-learn the heritage of wisdom that is carried within the plant kingdom.

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