Ruled by the Moon and the Goddess Hecate, the Willow tree is said to be “The Tree of Enchantment.” She’s a potent symbol of grief to some, but in reference to the Ogham the Willow truly associated with this ancient and sacred code is the White Willow (Salix alba).

“Orpheus, the poet, was said to have received his Gift by touching the Willows in a grove sacred to Persephone. Groves have been used by many types of artisans to gain eloquence, inspiration, skills and the gift of prophecy. This Tree is held sacred, also, to Minerva and the ancient Great Goddess Whose bird, the Wryneck, nests only in the Willow. Cranes are also known to nest here and a grove of Willows with nesting cranes is a symbol of extremely happy domesticity.

According to Druidic mysteries, two scarlet snake eggs were hidden within the Willow. The Universe was hatched from these two eggs, one containing the Sun, the other the Earth, relating to both cosmic birth and the birth of mankind. Traditionally, in spring rituals, these were replaced by hens’ eggs, coloured scarlet for the Sun and eaten at Beltane.” {source: druidry.org}

One single intentional drip of molten metal has been added to the piece to incorporate the Weeping Willow some associate with this code.

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